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Stereotype threat.org is a dedicated site, providing summary of research on the effects of stereotype and stereotype threat for African Americans, children, women and Latinos.


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"Women and minorities are running into a headwind," said Greg Walton, an assistant professor of psychology. "Their scores underestimate their true ability."

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Books to Read

1. Multiplication Is for White People": Raising Expectations for Other People's Children
By Lisa Delpit: A MacArthur award-winning educator reminds us—and as all research shows—there is no achievement gap at birth and that there must be higher expectations for African American children. Video Interview.

 2. Whisting Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do
By Claude Steele: The seminal author of stereotype threat theory who lays out a plan for mitigating these “stereotype threats” and reshaping American identities.

"There's enormous untapped potential in people who are targeted by negative stereotypes," Greg Walton said.

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College Gap: Civil Rights to Present


High School: 1964 & 2013

High School: 1964 and 2013


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Stereotype Threat on Campus

I, Too, Am Harvard
Moving perspectives of students on living with stereotypes and racism on campus. The burden of being Black on campus and feeling as if one does not belong facilitates the phenomenon of stereotype threat. Knowledge and intervention methods can help to alleviate the affects of stereotype threat.
Stereotypethreat.org for interventions to allevaite the impact of stereotype threat.

Positive Black Stories

 Check out Timbuktu Walls for Powerful Black Stories. By Heru G. Duenas [Click Here]


Scholar: Dr. Darlene Clark Hine


Source: http://www.hallcenter.ku.edu
A scholar of African American History and unvieling the contributions of African American women. Bio and Video.


Hot Video

Stereotype Threat on Campus


The emotional toll of students of color at UCLA Law School.

Stereotype Threat on Campus

 _University of Michigan students desire social change on campus.

Source: Black Voices-Huffington Post

Stereotype Threat on Campus


Harvard students also desire change on campus.
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Stereotype Threat on Campus

Being a Black WOMAN at Cornell means that we must work twice as hard as our counterparts to be acknowledged!

-Source: Being Black at Cornell University